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Security is very important in every sector ,If you are creating a website then security should be given more importance

When you publish a website, it increases the risk of attackand the more successful you become, the greater the attempts to hack in

despite  that WordPress is the most popular website builder platform, they do not pay much attention to website security.

If you’re asking yourself are WordPress security plugins necessary? Know this stat — The average website is attacked 44 times every day.

And if any of those attacks are successful, it could seriously hurt your business online.

 Using a security tool on your WordPress site is super important to having a successful business online.

Here’s a table of contents to help you navigate this post:

  1. Sucuri
  2. All In One WP Security & Firewall
  3. Jetpack Security
  4. WPScan
  5. Wordfence
  6. iThemes Security
  7. Google Authenticator


The best wordpress security plugin in 2021 ,. The all-in-one security plugin is very popular for good reason. but This is a paid plugin And you will not get any free version .


  • Easy setup in your WordPress dashboard
  • Firewall protection helps you block brute force and malicious attacks from accessing your WordPress site
  • Lets you conduct malware scanning (and of course malware removal)
  • Effective security hardening
  • Serves static content from their own CDN servers
  • Keeps track of everything that happens on your site, including file changes, last logins, and failed login attempts
  • Some plans offer advanced DDoS protection
  • Can reduce server load time and improve your site’s performance by blocking malicious traffic
  • Protects your WordPress website against SQL Injections, XSS, and all known attacks
  • They’ll safely remove any malicious code in your website file system and database. They’ll restore your site completely.
  • SEO spam keywords and link injections harm your brand. Make sure your website looks right in search engines.


There’s Basic version $199.99/yr.

There’s Pro version $299.99/yr.

There’s Business version $499.99/yr.

Click here to get started with Sucuri today.

2.All In One WP Security & Firewall

It’s easy (and free) to use All In One WP Security & Firewall to apply most WordPress best practices for security to your small business website. But the tool is pretty basic and not as beginner-friendly as the more well-known solutions.

The All In One WordPress Security plugin will take your website security to a whole new level.

It reduces security risk by checking for vulnerabilities, and by implementing and enforcing the latest recommended WordPress security practices and techniques.

All In One WP Security also uses an unprecedented security points grading system to measure how well you are protecting your site based on the security features you have activated


  • .Scanning for malicious patterns
  • IP filtering to block specific people and geographical locations
  • Login lockdowns after failed login attempts and get alert Email
  • Security Strength Meter
  • Easily Change the default WP prefix
  • View a list of locked out users to unlock individuals in just a few clicks
  • A password strength tool to allow you to generate appropriately strong passwords
  • User account monitoring
  • Schedule automatic backups and email notifications
  • A website-level firewall (but does lack a DNS-level firewall)
  • Lets you manually blacklist suspicious IP addresses


All In One WP Security & Firewall is free.

3.Jetpack Security

Jetpack is Another popular all-in-one wp Security plugin . This well-known plugin lets you easily scan your website for security vulnerabilities , malware and hacking threads

and has over 5+ million active installs


  • Get a safer, stronger site via secure logins and protection from brute force attacks.
  • Load pages faster and make your visitors happy with our lightning-fast CDN.
  • Real-time backups save every change you make to your website
  • 1-click restore to get your site back online quickly
  • Increase your traffic through automatic social sharing, related content, site search, and customer management.
  • Activity log tells you exactly which action (or person) broke your site
  • Offers spam protection by automatically blocks spam in blog post comments
  • Alerts you via email the moment it detects that your WordPress site is down
  • Protects your site against brute force login attacks and harmful malware
  • Decentralized malware scanning keeps your site safe from security threats
  • Keeps your WordPress plugins automatically updated and lets you know if you’re using the latest version of WordPress


The free version of Jetpack includes basic WordPress security features. The Security Daily plan starts at $19.95/month billed annually.


The WPScan CLI tool is a free, for non-commercial use, black box WordPress security scanner written for security professionals and blog maintainers to test the security of their sites. The WPScan CLI tool uses our database of 22,143 WordPress vulnerabilities.


  • Open-source tool with unique functionality that can be used to scan remote WordPress installations to pinpoint security issues
  • Their database of vulnerabilities is updated daily by community members and dedicated WordPress security specialists
  • Daily automated scans to look for malicious code
  • Email notifications
  • Username enumeration
  • Users with weak passwords via password brute forcing
  • Backed up and publicly accessible wp-config.php files
  • Database dumps that may be publicly accessible
  • If error logs are exposed by plugins
  • Media file enumeration
  • Vulnerable Timthumb files
  • If the WordPress readme file is present
  • If WP-Cron is enabled
  • If user registration is enabled
  • Full Path Disclose
  • Upload directory listing
  • Helps by auditing a database of known issues with things that will impact you like WordPress plugins, WordPress core, and WordPress themes.


There’s a free version of the plugin that’s great for most websites. If you’ve got a big site and use a lot of plugins the paid version of WPScan would be best for you and starts at around $2.31/month.


Wordfence includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that were built from the ground up to protect WordPress. Our Threat Defense Feed arms Wordfence with the newest firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP addresses it needs to keep your website safe.


  • Monitors visits and hack attempts in real time including origin, their IP address, the time of day, and time spent on your site
  • Protects your site at the endpoint, enabling deep integration with WordPress. Unlike cloud alternatives does not break encryption, cannot be bypassed and cannot leak data.
  • Integrated malware scanner blocks requests that include malicious code or content.
  • Protection from brute force attacks by limiting login attempts.
  • Tracks and alerts you about breached password usage so you can create a new strong password immediately
  • Protects from brute force attacks with limiting failed login attempts
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA), one of the most secure forms of remote system authentication available via any TOTP-based authenticator app or service.
  • Block logins for administrators using known compromised passwords.
  • Runs on your own server instead of being cloud-based, so could slow your site


Wordfence is available as a free or paid plugin. The paid version is priced from $99/yr

6.iThemes Security

iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) gives you over 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site. On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked each day. WordPress sites can be an easy target for attacks because of plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords and obsolete software.

Most WordPress admins don’t know they’re vulnerable, but iThemes Security works to lock down WordPress, fix common holes, stop automated attacks and strengthen user credentials.


  • Two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security
  • Powerful password enforcement
  • Detect if there is a user account which has the default “admin” username and easily change the username to a value of your choice.
  • 404 detection and plugin scans
  • Scheduled WordPress backups
  • Locks out any suspicious IP that scans for vulnerabilities on your site so they can’t gain access
  • Sends email alerts to notify you of any recent file updates on your site that may be malicious
  • Ability to limit login attempts
  • Ability to automatically lockout IP address ranges which attempt to login with an invalid username.
  • Ability to see a list of all the users who are currently logged into your site.
  • Force logout of all users after a configurable time period
  • Monitor/View failed login attempts which show the user’s IP address, User ID/Username and Date/Time of the failed login attempt


iThemes Security is free version and the Pro version is at $80/year.

Google Authenticaton

Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA) plugin provides a completely Secure login to your WordPress website. Google Authenticator- Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a FREE, Simple & very easy to setup plugin. Google Authenticator provides two factor authentication (2FA, MFA) whenever login to your WordPress website ensuring no unauthorised access to your website. Google Authenticator can be configured for any TOTP based Authentication Method for providing addtional layer of security of Two Factor Authentication(multi factor authentication).


  • Adds an extra layer of security to your login
  • Has a simple interface and is moderately easy-to-use
  • Lets you pick which type of two-factor authentication you want to use
  • Offers shortcodes so you can do things like use it on custom login pages
  • Woocommerce (Login Woocommerce using Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA))
  • BuddyPress form (Login BuddyPress using Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA))
  • bbpress form (Login bbpress using Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA))
  • Digimember (Login Digimember using Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA))
  • Paid Memberships Pro (Login Paid Memberships Pro using Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA))
  • Memberpress Pro (Login Memberpress Pro using Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA))
  • Ultimate Member – User Profile & Membership Form (Login Ultimate Member – User Profile & Membership using Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA))
  • LearnDash (Login LearnDash using Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA))
  • LearnPress (Login LearnPress using Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA))
  • LifterLMS (Login LifterLMS using Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA))
  • Dokan (Login Dokan using Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA))



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